4I am Harjeet Singh Brar of Village Deleanwali of District Faridkot in Punjab. I own 70 acres of land. I got the inspiration for kinnow farming when I first visited the kinnow orchard of Balwinder Singh Tikka of Abul Khurana Village. To begin with, I planted the kinnows only on 6 Acres of land under high density planting system. Initially I faced a lot of problems such as Phytophthora Foot Rot, Citrus Psylla and Leaf Miner. But I was fully dedicated to achieve success in kinnow farming and was not deterred by the failures, so I decided to take expert training from PAU, KVK Faridkot and Department of Horticulture to hone my skills. This was very beneficial to me and next I installed drip irrigation system with the guidance of PAU experts. To store the canal water, I also made a 42 lakh liters capacity water tank. To uplift the water from the water tank, I use solar energy which comes from the solar panels installed at my farm. Once I achieved considerable success in the kinnow farming, I expanded the land under kinnow farming from 6 acres to 24 acres in 2012.

I have planted the kinnows at 20 m by 10 m and at 20 m by 15 m. I have employed indigenous aero blast spray pump which ensures uniform spray application. This has helped me in tackling the menace of Citrus Psylla, White Fly and Leaf Miner to a great extent. I designed a low cost kinnow cleaning cum grading machine which has the capacity of 2 tonnes per hour. This has proved really beneficial to me as it now just costs Rs 125 to clean and grade 2 tonnes of fruit as compared to Rs 1000 on manual cleaning. Any produce which is mechanically graded, fetches premium prices. I got the idea to design the low cost kinnow grading machine from Gurraj Singh Virk, who is an eminent kinnow grower of the region. I have all kinds of modern instruments for farming such as Tractor, Trailer, Cultivator, Planker, Ridger, Seed Drill, Leveler, Aero blast Sprayer and Kinnow Cleaning cum Grading Machine.



I Have 70 Acres of Land.




Tractor, Trailer, Cultivator, Planker, Ridger, Seed Drill, Leveler. Aeroblast Sprayer, Kinnow Cleaning cum Grading Machine.


Pack house to pack fruits, water storage tank with capacity of 42 lakh liters, drip irrigation system and solar panels.

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Message to Farmers

I am a big fan of conserving the natural resources. During the summers, I apply mulching to conserve soil moisture. All farmers, whether practicing organic or conventional farming should take immediate and stern measures to conserve the soil fertility. For kinnow farming, the farmers should use green manure in the kinnow plantations for improving the soil health.


Contact Harjeet Singh Brar

Address: Brar Kinnow Orchard Village-Ramuwala(Dalienwalia), Muktsar Rd, Jaito, Punjab 151202
Phone: +91 9888840639